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 What is Raw Indian Hair? Raw hair is hair that has been sacrificed and donated from individual people, raw hair origins are places that take part in sacrificing their hair. Our Authentic Raw Indian hair is sourced from the temples in South India each bundle of hair is collected from a single donor who has sacrificed the hair for their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Why Choose Raw Indian Hair? Authentic raw Indian hair is the purest hair on the market and is known to best quality of hair in the world. It is of premium quality and can last many years with proper care hence why raw hair is more pricier 

How Long Does Raw Hair Last? With proper care raw hair can 3 or more years depending on the maintenance I have personally seen raw hair last 3.5 years

Why Does My Hair Have Split Ends? The hair is real raw hair cut from someones head so it is possible it may have some split ends

Why Are Some of The Bundles Colored Differently? Raw hair may come in different variations of colors but we try our best to send out bundles of that match in color

Why Is The Waves and Curl Patterns on My Raw Indian Hair Different? Our Raw Indian hair is not processed nor chemically altered and no two people hair is identical so its possible for your bundles to come in different variations in colors and textures

Why is My Raw Hair Frizzy? Raw hair reacts to the weather and atmosphere just as your own hair would please check our hair care tips for products to help combat frizziness

How Long Does Shipping Take for Custom Made Wigs? Custom wigs are made to order and can take up to 10 Business days to be made and shipped once shipped allow up to 15 bus days in total (after order is placed) to be received

Does Raw Hair Color? Yes, the hair is raw and has never been processed it can certainly be colored we suggest consulting with a licensed beautician when bleaching or coloring hair

How Many Bundles do I Need? We recommend at least (2-3) bundles for a full sew in or custom wig if using lengths 12" - 18" (Depending on level of thickness you prefer)  We recommend at least (3-5) bundles for a full sew in or custom wig for lengths 18" - 30" (Depending on level of thickness you prefer)

Do Your Frontals Come Pre-Plucked? Our frontals do come pre-plucked 

Will My Hair Revert Back to it's Curly or Wavy State Once Straightened? Yes, once our hair is wet it will revert back to its natural curl or wave pattern, keep in mind excessive use of heat tools can alter a curl or wave pattern in our natural hair and will do the same to Raw hair

How Long does Processing and Shipping Take? Processing can take up to 7 business days not including the day ordered once shipped can take up to 4 business days for you to receive your order 

I've Already Placed My Order Can I Change It? To insure expedited delivery all orders are processed for production daily. Unfortunately, once your payment is complete orders cannot to be modified, cancelled or refunded.

Who is Your Shipping Carrier? We use USPS to ship all of our products 

What is The Difference Between Raw and Processed Hair? Processed hair the curls and wave patterns are identical in every single bundle and every bundles comes in the same color of 1b and processed hair has a shorter life span see question one and two above to get information on raw hair

How will the custom wigs fit my head? All of our units are custom made to your exact head measurements which will be requested via email once your order is placed, and will perfectly provide a secure fit for everyone. Our lace closure and frontal units are made on a breathable, secure fitted cap. If you prefer (at your request) we can use the adjustable cap with an elastic band added to hold the lace in place. No glue, tape or gel is necessary for any of our units.

Do You Ship Internationally? Yes, we ship worldwide

Where is Shantel Necole Hair Located? We are located in New York City

How Often Do You Restock? We restock on a weekly basis

Do You Offer Wholesale? At this time we do not offer wholesale services

Do You Bleach The Knots on Frontals and Closures for Custom Made Wigs? Unfortunately, this is a service you must request. We know that bleaching the knots weakens the hair and we would never want to weaken the hair we sell to our customers so the service is not included UNLESS YOU REQUEST IT WHEN ORDER IS PLACED

What Are Your Hours of Operation? Here we are open Monday - Friday hours 9:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M. EST. We are closed on Weekends as well as all holidays.